Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cool Online Project Management Webapps VII

I have writeen some (positive) lines about Basecamp. However I found this website and I think it's fare to share it with you. If you are considering Basecamp as an online project management solution for you or your company perhaps you should visit it because as any other webapp Basecamp has its own issues. You can find there a big list of alternatives to Basecamp. You can also read my posts about some of them.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cool e-Book Reader

Kindle is Amazon's new wireless reading device. I watched the following video about it and I was impressed about its ease of use. As it works over GSM just like a common mobile phone it can be used almost everywhere! But you will only pay for the content you subscribe, not for the communications! The display also looks sharp and Amazon states that Kindle's battery will last for days which is also good! Kindle is sold out but there will be more available before Christmas! The current selling price is $399 and it is only available at the US. Boring! Sometimes globalization seems to be a slow process when it comes to new product availability... I will not discuss why because this is due to a big list of reasons like carriers, local authorities...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool email management app

Xobni - it's inbox backwards - markets itself as "A new look at your email - Effortlessly organize, search, and navigate your Outlook inbox". So Xobni is a downloadable app that integrates with Outlook and has the following list of features/advantages: "Lightning fast email search.", "Email analytics." (interesting!), "Navigate your inbox by people.", "Your personal assistant.", "Phone numbers extracted from emails.", "Quick attachment discovery.", "Hello, threaded conversations."

Xobni is still in beta stage but if you are an Outlook fan you should take a look at it right now. I found Xobni after reading this excellent post about Google, Yahoo and e-mail as THE social environment. Why should I need to send an invitation to connect to someone I regularly send e-mails to? The answers (or connections) are already at my inbox, just waiting for a better use!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cool Online Storage

I recently subscribed to JungleDisk, a "reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3". I chose Jungledisk among other online storage providers because "Unlike other services, with Amazon S3 ™ there is no mimimum and no maximum amount of data you can store. You pay only for the actual amount of storage you are using.". I found JungleDisk's value proposition more interesting than competitors like or BingoDisk. I'm waiting for gDrive (not confirmed as we speak) and Microsoft's Live Drive or Skydrive to become public (still in beta).

"Jungle Disk makes it easy to store any data securely online, and access it from any computer just like a local disk drive. ". They really mean that because they developed client applications for Windows, Max OS X, Linux and USB (works with all from an USB pen). I use it like a regular drive on my home and office computers and I feel safe about my data because "When you copy a file to your Jungle Disk it is encrypted and uploaded in the background to's servers. ". If you want to know more about how it works just check it out here.