Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool email management app

Xobni - it's inbox backwards - markets itself as "A new look at your email - Effortlessly organize, search, and navigate your Outlook inbox". So Xobni is a downloadable app that integrates with Outlook and has the following list of features/advantages: "Lightning fast email search.", "Email analytics." (interesting!), "Navigate your inbox by people.", "Your personal assistant.", "Phone numbers extracted from emails.", "Quick attachment discovery.", "Hello, threaded conversations."

Xobni is still in beta stage but if you are an Outlook fan you should take a look at it right now. I found Xobni after reading this excellent post about Google, Yahoo and e-mail as THE social environment. Why should I need to send an invitation to connect to someone I regularly send e-mails to? The answers (or connections) are already at my inbox, just waiting for a better use!

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