Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cool Online Storage

I recently subscribed to JungleDisk, a "reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3". I chose Jungledisk among other online storage providers because "Unlike other services, with Amazon S3 ™ there is no mimimum and no maximum amount of data you can store. You pay only for the actual amount of storage you are using.". I found JungleDisk's value proposition more interesting than competitors like or BingoDisk. I'm waiting for gDrive (not confirmed as we speak) and Microsoft's Live Drive or Skydrive to become public (still in beta).

"Jungle Disk makes it easy to store any data securely online, and access it from any computer just like a local disk drive. ". They really mean that because they developed client applications for Windows, Max OS X, Linux and USB (works with all from an USB pen). I use it like a regular drive on my home and office computers and I feel safe about my data because "When you copy a file to your Jungle Disk it is encrypted and uploaded in the background to's servers. ". If you want to know more about how it works just check it out here.

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