Friday, September 14, 2007

Cool Online CRM Webapps

Being a CRM enthusiast I am curious about everything that is CRM related. Nowadays every piece of software is going towards the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. So it was no surprise for me when Microsoft announced they will directly offer their Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a service (SaaS). As far as I know Salesforce works just like that and now it will be followed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I don't know if Siebel is going this way or not. They play in a different league, at least for now.

But what has surprised me the most was these three cool CRM webapps that I have found: Zoho CRM, Highrise and Etelos CRM. From the three I have to say that for me the only one that can be called a true CRM is Zoho CRM because it has a lot of features that one expects to found in a CRM application (Sales & Marketing, Inventory Management, Customer Support & Service, Reports & Dashboards, Outlook Plugin). And guess what? The first three users are free and you only have to pay from the 4th user and up. I think this is a great marketing move from Zoho.

Highrise tracks contacts, communications, tasks and calendar and its design is really very stylish and user friendly (as I see it).

I have to be honest, I didn't explore Etelos CRM but I took a pick at their website and I found the most interesting feature about this wannabe CRM: iGoogle integration. They also integrate it with Windows Live. This is a very cool feature because I'm still expecting for Google to come up with a real contact management tool (perhaps when it integrates Gmail with orkut). Unfortunetly Google hasn't decided to come up with a CRM tool from their own. It would fit the Google Apps portfolio for sure!

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