Monday, September 24, 2007

Cool Online Project Management Webapps

I found these cool project management webapps: Basecamp, Goplan and Zoho Projects. They aren't Microsoft Project but I think they are ok for someone doing basic project management.

Basecamp is the most popular of the three and it's probably the best choice, although not the cheapest. Goplan is a Basecamp clone and I say it because it also lookd great and I guess the features are very similar but I'm guessing because their website isn't very clear about features. Zoho projects is perhaps the most basic project management tool one can use but it's cheap and integrates with Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show.

I haven't decided which one I will use for managing my personal projects but it will be a tough call.


Sadiq said...

Sergio Coelho:

Glad to have you write on Zoho Projects. At Zoho Projects, we're constantly working on adding and enhancing the features & functionalities. You can notice few new & cool features getting added in every update we've for Zoho Projects.

Though our pricing is very affordable, we also provide free licenses for Open-source projects and personal use.

Please give it a try, and let us know if you find us short in any specific feature. With your help, we'll continue working to make Zoho Projects the best project management app on the web.

Zoho Projects Team

tmacedo said...


If you're interested in trying out all of Goplan's features, I suggest using our demo account: / demodemo

Also we really appreciate feedback, so if you find the time to do so, you should post at our forum or send us an email.

Tiago Macedo

Senf said...

I've tried Basecamp. I guess it’s popular because of its communication options. I don't think it's really a project management tool. It doesn't even have Gantt charts. Goplan it no better I guess. I'm subscribed to Wrike. It's a lighter tool than MS Project. It's also far more agile. And it does have Gantt charts :)