Friday, September 28, 2007

Cool Online Project Management Webapps III

I finally made up my mind about the online project management webapp I should use to support some of my projects. The decision wasn't easy but at the end it was not so hard at all. One of my prerequisites was the time tracking feature: GoPlan doesn't have it yet, Zoho Projects has it, online Collab doesn't have it yet (offline version has) and Basecamp is the best at it. Although Basecamp is more expensive than Zoho Projects after trying both I chose Basecamp because I'm almost sure my users will prefer the look and feel of Basecamp. If you're looking for something really cheap then you should go for Zoho Projects or Collab.

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Sadiq said...

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for giving Zoho Projects a try. We keep our ears to the ground so that we keep our products and services improving to meet our users requirments & expectations.

I would appreciate your evaluation feeback on Zoho Projects. Not just the good news, but the areas where we need to improve. You can reach me at sadiq(at)zoho(dot)com.

Thanks & regards,