Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cool Money Management Online Webapps

Need help managing your money? Get a webapp and... much more at Wesabe: "Wesabe is a community site that makes managing your money easy. Enjoy secure access to all your accounts, painless tools for taking control of your money and reaching your goals, and members’ tips and discussions to help you find the best values.".

Wesabe doesn't support your bank or you just want to easily track your expenses? Don't worry, try Gastus: "Every month you spend lots of money ... with Gastus you can keep track of your daily expenses.Gastus offers an incredibly easy way to know exactly how much you've paid every month.You can categorize expenses by types and concepts, and make nice pie charts and graphs to analyze your data. ". I am currently using Gastus because my bank isn't supported by Wesabe. Gastus is really simple and it works with OpenID! That's a best practice!

Gastus is too simple and you need something more powerful and refreshing? Try Mint because they are "refreshing money management". I can't decide between Mint and Wesabe so I recommend you Howard Lindzon's post "Mint.com vs. Wesabe.com…Cage/Cat Fight".

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