Friday, October 05, 2007

Cool Online Project Management Webapps IV

I would like to talk about another online project management webapp: wrike! This one was suggested by a reader of this blog after my first post about this topic. After that I made two more posts. You can read them here: second post and third post or you can just check the content under the label project_management.

So what do I have to say about Wrike? It offers really nice features such as creating tasks through e-mail, useful gantt charts and reporting (mainly task related reports/lists)! For me it lacks a basic feature such as time tracking between others. They don't support OpenID. To wrap up I think Wrike is interesting if you want to manage tasks by e-mail (send an e-mail that creates a task) and so far as I know they are the only ones offering that feature. It's not enough to make me switch from Basecamp.


Eric said...

What kind of projects you're using Basecamp for? And how many projects do you track in Basecamp? I used Basecamp for a while and found that it was absolutely impossible to work with an app that doesn't allow you to set due dates to your tasks. I'm a Wrike user and I'm happy it can manage numerous projects for me. I guess you didn’t try to really use the app.

Sergio Coelho said...

Hi Eric! I use Basecamp to manage simple projects (up to 10 tasks) and I set milestones whenever I wish to set a due date for something. I just took a quick look at Wrike and my opinion about it is that it's quite good although it lacks a time tracking feature that I mentioned before as very important for my needs.

Valerie said...


Good news from Wrike: we have released the time tracking feature, since you and many other users required this functionality. This is a great support for companies that provide professional services and need to bill their clients.

I think this is a good reason for you to take a deeperer look at Wrike. You'll find a powerful platform for collaboration, task organization, task management, reports across diverse projects, Gantt charts, e-mail integration, smart notifications and much more – all in one workspace.

Moreover, this week we are releasing a number of other improvements. You can also save some money: Wrike is only $3.99 per month.

Feel free to contact me for more questions.