Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cool Contact Manager Webapp

I found this post at Wired's Compiler blog about the new Plaxo: "Plaxo has launched a brand new version of its popular online contact manager app as well as new and improved desktop clients. Plaxo 3.0, as the company calls the updates, boasts a number of synchronization improvements and aims to be your one-stop address book and contact manager.". The post goes on and I invite you to read it if you're a fan of Plaxo or if you are curious about it.

I tried the new Plaxo and I found it more interesting and specially useful than the older one because for instance it enables you to sync with your personal Google Calendar and your professional Outlook calendar between others. Plaxo also came up with Pulse some kind of data feeder that enables you to see and share feeds with your contacts. If you add your blog feed to your own profile Pulse notifies your contacts when you make a new post! This service is quite similar to what you see in Facebook when a friend of yours updates it's info.

I probably will use more the new Plaxo than the older one because the new sync features are great! I was expecting these kind of features from Google but Plaxo was faster! By the way Plaxo supports OpenID! Great!

Check out this video demo regarding the new Plaxo.

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