Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cool Mobile Speech To Text and More

Stuck in traffic? Get things done anyway! How? Try Jott! As I didn't find one sentence that explains what Jott is/does I'll quote this Wikipedia article: "Jott is a voicemail service which allows its users to call a toll-free telephone number and say a small phrase, which is then transcribed to text and sent to themselves or other people through email or SMS.". At their website you can learn what else you can do with Jott: reminders, to do lists and so on! Mobile phone carriers should offer this kind of services to their customers!

Non-Us resident? Perhaps you should ask your carrier for Spinvox apps. They offer speech to text and text to speech apps such as:
  • "SpinvoxmyVmail: Get voicemails as text or email: Never miss a message again;
  • "SpinmyBlog - Blog from anywhere: When it suits you.";
  • "SpinmyMemo: Speak reminders, memos and notes: Straight to your inbox.";
  • "SpinmyBroadCast: Send text messages to groups: Simply by speaking.".

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