Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cool Open Identity Protocol II

It seems that there is a great debate surrounding OpenID usefulness. I wrote a small post about OpenID recently and since then I became more interested about it. As I mentioned it seems that OpenID usefulness is beig debated and of course that as any technology it has pros and cons. If you want to check out what is being said take a look at JanRain's blog or NY Times Freaknomics blog.

No matter what is being said I think that OpenID is usefull and I will use it whenever I can and I encourage all webapp developers to support it! Why? Simple! If you are developing a new webapp and you support OpenID you lower the entry barriers for your users! If a prospective user wants to try your app he will only need to make login using his OpenID and he's ready to go! As a user if my registration process is simplified I will give any webapp a try! OpenID is usefull for webapps users and developers and I hope it succeeds in the competitive technology market.

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